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Pure Game

We are excited to partner with Pure Game, the newest member of LA Familia

The Pure Game is a nonprofit organization that uses the power of sport to mentor and transform students' lives by integrating character education curriculum, SEL, and leadership coaching. The organization's programs are designed to help students develop essential life skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and decision-making, using soccer as a platform.

The Pure Game helps students change the narrative of their lives and provides them the direction needed to improve their mental health, school participation, grades, and ultimately, their chances at success.

Their in-school programming is implemented in three (3) distinct steps: Teach, Coach, and Mentor.

  1. “Teach” focuses on youth, ages 6-9, by providing them with positive role models who engage them through soccer. 
  2. “Coach” focuses on ages 10-13 by encouraging youth to apply principles learned on the field to their everyday school, home, and community life. 
  3. “Mentor” is for ages 13+ where we encourage and inspire teenagers to become leaders in their communities and to take responsibility for their lives beyond school.
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